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PEER® FAQ's and Subscription

Described by one client as a 'Game Changer', the following provides more detail about PEER®- our dedicated safety leadership software.

What are the benefits to my company?
There are many benefits to using the PEER®, which include:

  • Increasing the effectiveness of your company's Safety Leadership efforts
  • Identify potential Serious Injuries and Fatalities before they happen
  • Simplifying the process of
    • identifying behavior trends
    • identifying the build up of potential incidents before they happen
    • monitoring the status of Corrective Actions
    • facilitating the development of focused action plans in 'real-time' via the PEER® Dashboard.
    • enabling you to manage ever increasing numbers of safety leadership inteactions for a single location or throughout multiple locations by rolling all your efforts into one centralized database.
    • Eliminating IT administration time and costs with our hosted solution.

    Is the Safety Leadership software easy to use?
    Yes. We have specifically designed it to be ‘user friendly’. The software is easy to use and understand. Safety Leaders login using their own username and password. They access the ‘data entry’ screen via a ‘tab’ and record their findings and save. It takes a few minutes depending on the depth of detail they enter. Users can also view their previous records and update or close out their corrective actions.

    Does the 'Administrator' require training?
    No.The software is intuitive and can be learnt in a few minutes.

    Who can use it?
    Anyone who does Safety Leadership observations, and has been given access rights. Each user has his or her own account, where they can enter new findings, or review previous findings.

    Can it handle multiple-users?
    Yes. We do not limit the number of users from a site. In other words, every Safety Leader on site can use it.

    How much is a site license?
    Offering great value, the annual site license is just $4000 per year. If you wish you can create an annual subscription using your credit card by hitting the 'Subscribe' button below. Alternatively, you can send us a Purchase Order for your company to be billed against.

    Can we purchase a multiple site license?
    Yes. Multi-site licensing for the number of locations in your company is available. Discounts are available for multi-site or unlimited user licenses. Please contact us and inform us of your requirements.

    Will you provide ‘Safety Leadership’ training to our people?
    Yes. We can train as many people in your company as you desire. Simply contact us to make the appropriate arrangements.

    How secure is the data?
    Very. We have adopted and initiated a multiple ‘defense in depth’ philosophy to ensure your data is secure.

    Is there a data-back-up service?
    Yes. We automatically keep a 30 day rolling back-up of all data. Should something go wrong, we can restore your data.

    Will you tailor the platform to our specific needs?
    We are willing to discuss and accommodate your needs.

    What enhancements are in the pipeline?
    We actively seek enhancement suggestions from all users. Two major areas we are currently assessing are the storage of digital images associated with a Safety Leaders report, and the automatic e-mailing of reports to designated managers.