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PEER® - Safety Software

Do you know if your safety efforts are effective? Be sure with PEER® .safety software

Adding an extra layer of protection, PEER® safety software leads to a quantum leap in safety performance by helping to eliminate potential Serious Injuries & Fatalities (SIFs). Focusing on these reduces incidents, improves everyday safety behaviors and eliminates the root causes of significant system issues. In turn, this helps company’s avoid significant injuries, property damage, environmental releases and quality problems.


Improves performance

  • Identify and monitor potential Serious Injuries & Fatalities (SIFs)
  • Identify behaviors of concern
  • Identify precursors and exposure categories leading to potential, SIFs
  • Identify and track root causes to decrease risks
  • Track corrective actions to eliminate risk

Saves time, money and effort

  • Very easy to use
  • Use smart phones / tablets / desktops for data entry
  • Eliminate paper trails and reduce time, money and effort
  • Pop-up guides to enhance consistency of data input
  • Serious Injury & Fatality Guide to help decision-making

Provides critical insights into business operations

  • Provides business intelligence from multiple feedback graphs / quarterly dashboards
  • Converts raw data into meaningful and useful information
  • Identify new opportunities to implement effective improvement strategies
  • Export data to excel spreadsheets to customize reporting to suit your company’s dashboards

Provides critical support to your incident reduction efforts

Many companies are encouraging their people to become Safety Leaders or Observers by providing the appropriate training. Despite the large investment, follow-up is often lacking. PEER® safety software is the tool you need to help make your safety walk-rounds useful.

Your Safety Leaders or Observers can enter and record the results of any 'safety interactions' directly into PEER® safety software to propel safety performance into the world class range. The aggregated data provides significant insights into the root causes faced by your people in their everyday work. You can act upon these to make your company more safe, more efficient and more profitable.

With unlimited users, PEER® safety software is offered as a single or multiple site solution that adds an extra layer of protection to your business.

Download the PEER® Software brochure here or contact us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to discuss your needs.